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Vaticano VIP Tour

€55 per person

Lenght: 3 hours

colosseum vip tour

€50per person

Lenght: 3 hours

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This is a particular fascinating visit because this monument was originally the mausoleum of emperor Hadrian; the journey will begin in the cell where the ashes of the emperor were kept. We will then go up a ramp very picturesque up to the top of the castle which is cylindrical in shape. During the Reinassance this monument was transformed into a fortress at the disposal of the Vatica, hence the name. When the Vatican was threatened or besieged by enemies the Pope, from Saint Peter’s sought refugein Castel Sant’Angelo, reaching it by an elevated passage known as “passetto” . On the terrace of Castel Sant’Angelo there is characteristic cafè where you can have an aperitif and admire a magnificent view as you look out on the Tiber.From there you can enter an ancient museum inside the castle furnished with the weapons used at one time by the papal guard

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We will begin our visit from Hadrian’s villa, built by the Emperor Hadrian which is the size of a city and is made up of buildings distributed over more than various 10 hectares. At the time of its costructio, it housed an imposing collection of works of art of very high quality, which are now spread in museums all over the world; some sculpture are visible in “antiquaruium” in the villa; Others, such as the centaurus in gray marble are kept in the Capitoline museum. The vist will continue in the Villa d’Este which was built thanks to the important water supply in the area.The villa furnished with a park with many hundreds of fountains from the simplest to the more monumental. In the elaborate fountain, known as “the Orange Fountain”, there is a water-powered organ which, after the recent restoration, is played at noon

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Food and Wine Tour

The tour begins from the Piramid of Cestius THE Sepulchre OF Gaius Cestius who had been a member of the important religious corporation of the Epulones and who had ordered his own funeral monument which was built in only three hundred days. The pyramid is 35 metres high and covered in Carrara marble. At the time of construction of the Aurelian walls it was incorporated in the circuit of the walls. Next to the pyramid we will visit Porta San Paolo in whose towers is the museum of the Via Ostiense the road which connected Rome to its port in Ostia. The tour continues in Testaccio, the artificial hill made of discarded ancient roman amphorae which were used to transport oil from Spain

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Capitoline Museum Tour

The meeting point will be Piazza del Campidoglio, ( on the Capitoline hill), next to the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius we will illustrate the splendid arrangement, dating from the 1500’s presided over by Michelangelo. We will then visit the Capitoline Museum the most important Civic Museum in rome, which includes an important collection of ancient statues, among which the Capitoline Wolf and the busts of the Roman Emperors. We will also vist the basilica of Saint Mary of the altar of heaven (Santa maria in Aracoeli) and the artwork contained withinsuch as frescoes by Pinturicchio. We will complete the visit by ascending the imposing staircase of the Vittoriano a commemorative monument dedicated to the first king of Italy Victor Emmanuel II and from the terrace at the top of the building we will be able to admire a magnificent view of Rome

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Trastevere Tour

We depart from Piazza del Popolo, arranged by the architect Valadier in the 1700’s over which there is a beautiful outlook from the Pincio terrace in Villa Borghese. We will visit the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo known as the artists’ church within which there are two magnificent paintings of Caravaggio; the crucifixion of Saint Peter and the conversion of Saint Paul. We will then go down via del babuino, taking in the urban arrangements ordered by Pope Julius II, the so called trident which begins in Piazza del Popolo and ends in three obelisks that crown the view; we will then admire the splendid Trevis Fountain a triumph of marble and water, famous the world over thaks to Fellini’s film (la dolce vita) , at the end of the walk in Piazza Venezia we will rise atop the Vittoriano a monument dedicated to Victor Emmanuele II the king of Italy.

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Aventino Tour

The visit to the Aventine Hill will allow us to see some important Paleo- christian churches, i.e. churches from the first centuries of Christianity, which conserve the simplicity and severity of that period. We will visit Saint Praxedes, Saint Sabina, and the nearby Orange Graden from where one can enjoy a splendid view of Rome. We will then continue to visit the churches of Saint Boniface and saint Alexius and at the end we will reach the square arranged by the architect Piranesi. This is overlooked by the palace of the Knights of Malta, from whose gate, through the keyhole, you can admire Saint Peter’s dome. During the spring, at the foot of the Aventine Hill, you can visit the rose garden and, on that occasion, look out over the valley of the Circus Maximus and the imposing remainsof the Imperial palaces of the Palatine Hill.

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Seven-Churchs Tour

This tour includes seven Roman Basilicas therefore is an important destination for pilgrims who visit the Capitol. We kick off at saint Peter’s the principal temple of then entire Christendom whose dome is visible from the whole of Rome and signals the presence of the Vatican to all of the city; After that we shall move on to Saint Paul’s an important Basilica which arose near the place of the martyrdom of the saint; saint John’s Basilica adjacent to the ancient papal see in the lateran area; and finally we continue with Saint Mary Major an impressive church filled with antiquities. After that we visit the Basilica of the Holy cross in Jerusalem where there is a relic of Jesus’s cross, the board with the lettering “INRI”; Then our journey concludes with Saint Lawrence outside the walls and saint Sebastian on the Via Appia ( Appia street) we will thus have finished the tour of the seven churches.

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Campidoglio + Ghetto + Isola Tiberina tour

This itinerary departs from the most important square in Rome, Capitola Square (Piazzale del Campidoglio) atop the most important hill in ancient Rome where the temple of Jupiter was; At the center you can admire the equestrian status of Marcus Aurelius known as the philosopher emperor end the marvelous architectural layout of the square designed by the genious of Michelangelo during The Reinessance; we will then go to visit the area which used to be the Jewish ghetto where you can admire the remains the Portico di Ottavia and the ancient theater of Marcellus, transformed by architect Baldassarre Peruzzi into Palazzo Gentiloni for the Savelli family; After that the property was inherited by the Orsini family.

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